Objectives of Community Engagement Statement

Esploratore believes that effective stakeholder engagement depends on mutual trust, respect and effective communication between industry and our key stakeholders. Our engagement will be monitored and adapted as the project develops and we gain an accurate picture of the level of impact as well as the degree of community interest

We believe in the value of process over outcome and as such have developed our objectives as follows:

Start consultation early

We will not wait until we need something or problems arise. We believe that the earlier community engagement activities take place, the better the chance we have of developing good relationships with local stakeholders.

Focus on process more than outcomes

We believe in engagement for relationship building via informal and formal activities. We believe in keeping doors open for dialogue. Relationships are not only about transactions but also about developing mutual understanding.

Engage with the appropriate community representatives

We will conduct careful stakeholder identification to ensure that all sectors of the community are included.

Appropriate company representatives

We will ensure the correct people are easily accessible for questions and queries. Company representatives may include senior management for important meetings, technical experts for specialised subjects, people with decision-making power for negotiations and experienced administrative staff for maintaining records.

Use suitable venues for engagement activities

We will attend meetings and events at community-selected venues, thereby showing respect and willingness to spend company time in the local area and face to face with stakeholders.


We appriciate your feedback and comments